The Mustard Frontier

Mustard… The King of condiments… Tis either loved or hated… Mustard is one of those ingredients that can be cooked with anything. The French worship it. Throughout my culinary adventures I’ve explored this tangy condiment from every corner of the earth and have found that out of all the mouth smacking additives you can use to intensify any edible morsel, Mustard is King. Hence the plunge into Dukes Country Pub Mustard. Originally it was intended as a Utility Mustard used for marinades, salad dressing, spreads, and sauces. The idea arose from its french cousin Dijon, which counterparts in French Cookery heavily used for just about everything; some of my own favorites being force meats and pates, sausages, accompaniment sauces of the like, and salad dressings. I salivate just thinking about whisking the spicy and zesty paste into a rustic blend of shallot, garlic, apple cider vinegar, hand picked fresh thyme, honey, and extra virgin olive oil. Poured generously over a simple mixed bitter green salad of grilled frisee, arugula, mizuna, fresh foraged cress, baby kale, and baby beet tops; resting lightly over a simple whipped brie mousse, and garnish with sweet mustard picked granny smith apples and burnt candied pistachios. The love for mustard runs deep… Dukes Country Pub Mustard satisfies these intrigues as a British style Pub Mustard riddled with Yellow and Black Mustard Seeds, Curry, Brown Sugar, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Dried whole leaf Mexican Oregano, and other simple pickling spices. It stands tall in any recipe and provides a complex balance to the food that tickles the taste buds with every bite.

-Chef and Culinary Practitioner Barbidicus